Henrik Pontoppidan til Paul Ernst
Sendt fra Overgaden neden Vandet 15. 16. december 1923

I shall not omit by any occasion

Overg. n. V. 15.

I was grieved to see, dear Dr. Ernst, that you neither 1922 nor this year got the Swedish literary-prize. I want you to feel sure, that I shall not omit by any occasion to make interest for you. But besides I am of that opinion, that my vote is only of little importance compared with the application from German professors during the last years, applications which I on demand agreed with. These commendations are expected to be repeated within this year.

I very often realize yours and your family's situation when the newspapers 2 tell about the growing distress in Germany. The surroundings feel impelled to help and to show sympathy. But pity always contains a venomous sting; and for a nation, jealous of his honour as the Germans, this sting must be felt much more painful than both the wounds of the war and the continued humiliations of the conquerors.

My wife and I give many compliments to you and your family and wish you as merry a christmas as possible under these conditions.

In my own country we also have a severe and heavy fight to keep clear and not to go capsizing with the great nations.

Your very affectionate
H. Pontoppidan

3 Ich bitte um Verzeihung, dass ich heute in d. englische Sprache schreibe. Meine deutsche Helferinn ist z. Z. weggeflogen.