English Translations

Henrik Pontoppidan's works

Chronological order:

  • Lucky Per. Translated by Naomi Lebowitz (after fourth edition 1918). New York: Peter Lang 2010. Review by Fredric Jameson (Danish transl.).
  • Sad Tales from Denmark. Translated by John Lynch. With a foreword by Lars Peter Rømhild. London: Austin Macauley Publishers 2015. Contents:
    1. "On the Parish" after "Naadsensbrød" (Fra Hytterne, 1887/1899)
    2. "The Grim Reaper" after "Knokkelmanden" (do.)
    3. "Idyll" after "Idyl" (1883/1899)
    4. "The Polar Bear. A portrait" after Isbjørnen (1887/1899)
    5. "Clouds", selection from Skyer (1890/1899): "Gallows Hill at Ilum", "Two Friends", "The first Gendarme"
    6. "Haunted" after "Det store Spøgelse" (1907/1922)
    7. "A Story about Love" after Et Kærlighedseventyr, 2. udg. 1930.

  • A Fortunate Man. Translated by Paul Larkin (after second edition 1905). With an afterword by Flemming Behrendt. Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press 2018. Review by Poul Houe.